Studio A – Tracking Room

  Here at Audio Dallas, no project is too large. Our Studio A  tracking room features 3 isolation booths plus drums, piano and a Hammond B-3 with  a Leslie cabinet. Our Studio house drum kit is a Gretsch Maple Renown with Paiste and Zildjian cymbals.

Drum Kit

Drum Booth

Sound Booth 1

Sound Booth 2

Hammond B-3

Yamaha Piano


At Audio Dallas we have a wide selection of microphones to fit your every recording need including;  a Telefunken “Vintage Long Body” U47, Neumann tube U67- U87’s-KM84s, AKG, RCA, EV, and Sennheiser mics.

Dynamic Microphones

(From R-L) Beyerdynamic M 88, Sm-57, Audiotechnica ATM250, Sennheiser md 421, Sennheiser e602-II

Condenser Microphones

(From R-L) AKG 414

Ribbon Microphones