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In a convolution reverb, instead of loading an impulse response of a reverb, load up your favorite type of noise (vinyl noise works great) or atmospheric sound. Send a bit of the snare, kick, hihats, etc, to the ”reverb” and listen to the evolving atmospheric groove.

Indie sesh tomorrow! 🎼🎸 don’t forget to book a session here at Audio Dallas Recording Studio we do all music!! 🎺🥁😁 #indie#recording#audiodallas#music#drums

Tracking fun #texasmusic #neve #countrymusic @ Audio Dallas Recording Studio

My #analog tape saturation “plugin”. #audiodallas @ Audio Dallas Recording Studio

Remembering that sad morning. Watching tv and drinking coffee in the kitchen with my darling wife. @mama_osborn seeing the live breaking news. Sad day. #NeverForget

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