Frequently Asked Questions


How can Audio Dallas save me $$$ ?

You say “I know a guy who knows a guy who is starting a home studio in his spare bedroom and his rate is half of what you are charging.”

Great ! Some home studios are ran by seasoned pros, most are not. Taking twice as long, at half the rate, doing over-dubs one person at a time, trying to get that professional sound hasn’t saved you a dime. In fact, you have waisted a lot of YOUR creative time and money. In the end, you have an unprofessional sounding project, costing more than you would have spent at Audio Dallas. You’ve spent thousands of dollars on your professional guitars, drums, keyboards, or voice lessons…. spent countless hours writing, arranging, and perfecting your performance, and when it’s time to record your final creation, you are considering making the last step in true semi-pro fashion. BAD CALL. At Audio Dallas, we don’t have to “experiment” trying to get the particular sound you are looking for. Chances are, that in our 35 years of recording, we have already done it once or twice and know exactly how to get it.

The one thing that I often hear is “today’s music has no soul” or “it sounds too sterile”. That is because the lack of creating music with a real vibe… with real musicians …in a large acoustically tuned tracking room with floated floors and isolation booths…. feeding ideas back and forth and forth. It’s art, It’s music…..It’s NOT paint by numbers.

Why should I book my next project at Audio Dallas

Many large studio are similar. What makes a studio unique is it’s atmosphere, track record, and the engineer sitting behind the console. Audio Dallas is neither a high polished glass and chrome corporate studio, nor a home studio with a laptop and microphone. We’re a studio designed and built from the ground up for one purpose… bring the dream and passion of music to the listeners ears. Audio Dallas was not created by board of directors or investors, but by a musician with a passion for the art….a place where we are more particular about the the final sound than you are….regardless if your are needing a demo, or an artist for a major label. It’s ALL the same dream with same importance. Hitting the “Record” button is not what we do best. Anyone can do that. What we do best is to help guide you through the process with confidence, giving you direction, tips, and advice in every step of the recording procedure. We encourage you to visit other studios.

Can I afford it

Yes. I AM the owner and I WILL make sure we fit your budget.

When is the studio open

The studio is open by appointment only.

Can I tour the studio and listen to samples

Yes. We encourage you to visit the studio. We are happy sit down and have a cup of coffee  and play samples of past projects from Audio Dallas. Or, you can search ” Audio Dallas Recording Studio ” on the internet and many of the thousands of projects we have worked on will show up on different sites. Give ’em a listen and get back to us and let us know what you think.

Can you mix my project or add overdubs if I bring you the files

Yes. Smaller studios and artist often send the files to Audio Dallas to mix and take advantage of our Neve console and vintage outboard gear.  Or, if you need a larger room for tracking drums, piano, B-3, or large group vocals.

How do I book a session

Give us a call  at 972-276-3896 or on my mobile at 972-672-7287 or shoot us an email at  with questions or to narrow down the date and time you would like to schedule. All emails go straight to our phones and are usually answered within minutes. Several times a day, people visit our website and will not email or call us for fear of taking the first step. DON’T BE !  We won’t sell your info to some spam company or post them on public bathroom walls. Most people who contact us end up being personal friends.  So go ahead and click You’ll be glad you did.

When do I pay the deposit and balance

Partial payments are required to book a session. Balances are due at the end of each session, unless prior arrangements have been approved. No mix or rough mix recordings will be provided with-out full payment.

What payment options do I have

Either cash or a major Credit Card. No checks unless approved prior to session date.

What is the minimum session time I can book

There is a two hour minimum on all bookings.

Do you allow session setup time

Yes. Prior to the session “booked start time” if time allows. Session billing clock starts when the staff begins miking up for the session.

Can we bring alcohol to the session

Alcohol and sessions don’t mix. The morning after a long day of recording and partying, one typically discovers that the vocal take wasn’t quite as good as they thought it was during their rock star moment . Illegal drugs are NOT allowed at Audio Dallas.

Can we bring our pizza into the studio

Yes, to our break rooms .  But not the tracking room ….Ever tried to get two day old pizza sauce outta carpet ? No beverages are allowed on or near the console, equipment, or instruments. They don’t react very well to liquids.

Can we bring our buddy’s to the session

Sure, Not recommend though. The more people you bring, the more the confusion, the slower the session. You will spend more of your hard earned money.

 Can I take pictures or videos of Audio Dallas

Yes.  Audio Dallas encourages people to photograph or video the studio and session for personal use. (Any “Commercial Use” or “Promotional Use” of photos, audio clips, or videos taken at Audio Dallas are prohibited without written permission and must have a Property Release Form and a Commercial Use Agreement. Audio Dallas does not approve of the use of an images of Audio Dallas to promote goods or services when there is no sponsorship, or endorsement between Audio Dallas and those goods, services or individuals.)

Can I use the studio drum kit

Yes. A very cool Gretsch Renown with USA maple shells. They go Boom !

Can I request piano tuning done prior to session

Yes, We generally have the piano tuned every few months. If your session falls between those times you can, for a fee, have the piano tuned by a qualified approved piano tuner.

Will you keep and store my session data or tapes

No. You shouldn’t leave your data or tapes at ANY facility. They are your expensive personal property. Prior to ending any session, make sure you allow time  for doing rough mixes and  backing up your session data to YOUR storage medium. Backup fees are part of the session billing time or if possible can be backed up to your devise for a fee at a later time if arranged and scheduled.

Can you help me get a record deal or get me on the next episode of the big televised  talent/entertainment show

NO. If someone tells you THEY can, you had better run… not walk away. You are about to be scammed !

How can I be better prepared for my session

Very good question. I recommend that you do an internet search of “Preparing for a recording session”. There is wealth of articles and blogs on the internet that is worth taking the time to read. Reading them will save you time and money

Can you help with food and lodging arrangements

Yes. There are many fine hotels and restaurants in the area that we can help direct you.


There are too many variables to quote a blanket cost for your session.  Every session is unique and has different requirements and needs.  Please give us a call so we can help you calculate how planning your next project at Audio Dallas is AFFORDABLE and can be completed within YOUR budget.